I was standing in one of the middle rows of my second-grade class photo.  While our teacher was giving the class instructions, I could hear the girls behind me start to giggle and whispering my name.  I tried hard to make out what they were saying but all I heard was “chubby”, “ fat” or “stupid”. […]

The zoo is fairly quite today.  Typically, I can’t find time in the morning to get any work done but it is gloomy out, one of the littles has a cold, so we are staying in.  My oldest is watching TV (gasp) and the youngest is playing quietly in the play yard.  That gives me […]

BOOM! And here it is! 5 months of conceptualizing and planning, 2 months of building, cataloging and curating content but here it is, the next phase of my business. The new Jessica Pegg Photography.  We are live!   Thank you to my husband, friends, family and the folks at Showit that helped me through this […]

I have been struggling to find the words for this blog post. I think it may be one part being out of practice with this whole blog writing thing but also, this relaunch means so much more to me then just introducing my new brand. This really feels like the a pivotal moment in my […]